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Masterclass Series: Mindset of an elite AFL Umpire with Nathan Williamson

In association with our partners the Melbourne Sports Institute we are excited to announce the latest event in our Masterclass Series with AFL umpire Nathan Williamson. In this Masterclass, Nathan will provide a unique insight into the mindset and experiences of an elite AFL umpire.

Topics this Masterclass will explore:

- Handling pressure on match day

- Mental and physical preparation (e.g.performance routines)

- Coping with stress and criticism from players, coaches & fans

- Mental toughness in AFL officiating

- Assertiveness and navigating an ego orientated environment

- Game management

- Handling big match atmospheres & rivalries

- Pathway to the elite level

As well as providing an insight into these areas of elite performance, Nathan will also offer the audience an opportunity to ask any questions via our interactive live poll Q&A technology.

While this Masterclass event offers a great opportunity for developing umpires to learn from the very best, we also welcome anyone who might be interested in gaining an insight into the mindset of an elite AFL umpire. The Masterclass is taking place on Wed 10th July 4pm - 5:30pm and is FREE to attend. If you are interested, please email jg@msisport.com.au for more info.